Top trade packages for Cam Newton

This season has been for fun all for the Carolina Panthers and especially Cam Newton.

Both the Panthers and Newton came into this season with high expectations. But with Newton’s injury, it put those expectations in the backburner.

Now that Panthers signed Teddy Bridgewater it was made clear that they are done with Cam Newton.

Now that the Panthers decide to move on from Newton they will need a nice package in return for the former league MVP.

Here are the top trade packages for Cam Newton:

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Los Angeles Chargers

Chargers receive: Cam Newton

Panthers receive: 2020 2nd round pick, 2020 5th round pick and Linebackers Denzel Perryman

The Chargers missed out on so many quarterbacks this offseason it’s not even funny at all. The Chargers are in win-now mode and they need a quarterback that can give them a shot at winning. That is Cam because he can light up the scoreboard with those weapons they got.

Denver Broncos 

Broncos receive: Cam Newton and 2020 6th round pick

Panthers receive: 2020 1st round pick

If the Panthers really want to rebuild they need to trade with the Broncos because they are more than willing to give up picks for great players. The Broncos believe they are a quarterback away from wining which they are not because they have no one on offense outside of Phillip Lindsay.  Elway has shown he will give anything in order to have a top 10 quarterback even if Drew Lock is on the bench.

Indianapolis Colts 

Colts receive: Cam Newton

Panthers receive: Quarterback Jacoby Brissett, 2020 2nd round pick and 2021 3rd round pick

This should have been the quarterback the Colts should have gone for because they have the perfect team for Cam. They have arguably the best offensive line in all of football, a receiver that can the blow the top off a defense and a solid running back. Plus look at AFC South now outside of the Titans who can Challenge the Colts if they get Cam.

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Miami Dolphins

Dolphins receive: Cam Newton

Panthers receive: 2020 1st round pick, 2020 3rd round pick

Cam to Dolphins is a long shot but this could happen. When healthy Cam is one of the best quarterbacks in all of football, he can run and throw at an extremely high level. If the Dolphins get Cam all they need to worry about is building an offensive line through the draft. That won’t be hard because of the amount picks they have in this years draft.