NFL Week 11 Predictions

Man week 11 started off with a bang after the whole incident between Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

I hope we don’t see any more incidents like that for a very long time because that was not right at all.

Here are my predictions for week 11:

New York Jets over Washington Redskins (Blowout of the Week)

Jacksonville Jaguars over Indianapolis Colts

Buffalo Bills over Miami Dolphins

Dallas Cowboys over Detriot Lions

Houston Texans over Baltimore Ravens  (Upset of the Week) 

Carolina Panthers over Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans Saints over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Minnesota Vikings over Denver Broncos

San Francisco 49ers over Arizona Cardinals

New England Patriots over Philadelphia Eagles

Oakland Raiders over Cincinnati Bengals

Los Angeles Rams over Chicago Bears

Kansas City Chiefs over Los Angeles Chargers (Game of the Week)  

For Blowout of the Week, I have the New York Jets beating the brakes off the Redksins this week because of the lack of defense the Redskins have. The secondary gets torch by anyone and I mean anyone. I can beat all those corners one-on-one.

For Upset of the Week, I have the Texans stealing a win from the Ravens this weekend in Baltimore. I really like the Texans offense with Will Fuller V coming back, he gives the Texans a deep ball threat which will make the safeties play more cautious. The Ravens have been playing well this year but I do not think there running game can beat Deshaun Watson and the Texans passing game.

For Game of the Week, Patrick MaHomes will lead the Chiefs to a win against the Los Angeles Chargers to go to 7-4. The Chargers were one the best teams in all of football last year but they have not looked like that at all this year. The offense is not as consistent as it should be and the defense has not been able to get stops when they need them the most. I think MaHomes will show the world the Chiefs are not done just yet.