Top trade packages for Carlos Correa

Rumors of the Houston Astors trading All-Star Shortstop Carlos Correa are still spreading through baseball.

We all knew the Astros were willing to trade Correa to free up salary room for Gerrit Cole to resign with them but that didn’t happen.

The only questions people are asking is why are the Astros still willing to trade a franchise player like Correa.

Right now the Houston Astros are in big trouble. They had the investigation of them stealing signs in 2017. Plus, they are losing key players in free agency and trades.

They lost Gerrit Cole one of their Aces to the New York Yankees, Jake Marisnick a great defensive centerfielder and Wade Miley a solid starter.

I think the Astros are trying to see what they can get for Correa so they can stay competitive with the Yankees.

Here are the top trade packages for Correa:

3. New York Mets 

Mets receive: Carlos Correa,  Josh Reddick and a low-level prospect 

Astros receive: Noah Syndergaard and a player to be named later 

The Astros know it takes great pitching to win a World Series. If they can pair Syndergaard with Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke they would have as dynamic as pitching staff as they did last year.

Which will make competing with the Yankees a lot easier.

2. Atlanta Braves 

Braves receive: Carlos Correa 

Astros receive: Shortstop Dansby Swanson, Pitcher Max Fried and prospect 

This should be the trade partner the Astros should want to deal with because the Braves are in win-now mode which means they are willing to deal young players.

If the Astros can get their hands on Swanson and Fried who are nice young players who still need some development that is a win for the Astors. Swanson won’t be a free agent until 2022 and Fried in 2025.

1.Tampa Bay Rays 

Rays receive: Carlos Correa 

Astros receive: Pitcher Blake Snell, shortstop Willy Adames and pitcher Joe Ryan 

This would be the trade partner I would be most scared to do if I were the Houston Astros.  The Rays have a very good team that can compete with almost any team in baseball.

The Astors now that Verlander can’t pitch forever and they need to find a new Ace fast. If they can get Blake Snell they will have an Ace they can rely on for the next five years.

Plus, Snell would make them a dynamic rotation of Verlander, Snell and Grenike going into the playoffs if they make it.