College Football Playoff Prediction

The College Football Playoffs are finally here people. The games will be Louisiana State University (LSU) taking on Oklahoma University in the Peach Bowl and the reigning champs Clemson University will face Ohio State University in the Fiesta Bowl.

The crazy part is that each of these teams have a great shot at winning it all.

It might not seem like it based on what you have heard on sports networks. Most of the networks are saying it going to be easy wins for LSU and Ohio State because of the amount of talent both teams have.

That part is true both LSU and Ohio state have more talent. But Oklahoma and Clemson might have the firepower to take them down.

Both Oklahoma and Clemson have great offenses that score point for point with any team in the nation.

Here are my predictions for the college football playoffs:

LSU over Oklahoma

I have this game coming down to the wire because of these two teams have high powered offenses.

The biggest headline going into this game is going to be Jalen Hurts. Will Hurts be able to lead Oklahoma past LSU being lead by Heisman winner Joe Burrow.

Hurts has had success against LSU in the past but now he is on a different team. He doesn’t have Nick Saban and a ferocious defense on the sideline anymore. Now he has Lincoln Riley and an ok defense.

We all know LSU has arguably the best offense in all of college football so Hurts is going to have to be flawless in this game in order for Oklahoma to win this game.

To me, LSU’s receiving core of JA’Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, and Terrace Marshall Jr. will be the biggest difference in this game. They can fill the void of the offense if Clyde Edwards-Helaire is unable to play.

Yes, Oklahoma has CeeDee Lamb but one great receiver does not beat three really good receivers. To me, the lack of weapons will hurt Oklahoma because LSU has too many weapons.

Clemson over Ohio State 

Unlike most people, I think this game won’t be close at all. I have Clemson winning this game 35 to 21.

Don’t get me wrong Ohio State has a really good team but Clemson has a great team. People will talk about the lack of competition they have faced this year but that’s not their fault that’s the scheduling committee fault for not scheduling them tougher opponents.

Plus, with all the people doubting them they have more than enough motivation to win it all to prove everyone wrong.

What worries me about Ohio State is the experience. They have not played in many big games which worries me. The stage might be too big for them which could hurt them at the start of the game because Clemson will be ready to go form the first whistle.

I think the biggest difference will be Trevor Lawerence and Justin Fields. Lawerence is healthy and has shown the stage is not too big for him. Last year he dominated the college football playoff with ease.

This is Field’s first time playing in a stage like this plus he has a knee injury that is not fully healthy. A quarterback with a knee injury is not good because some defenders might go after his knee.