NFL Wildcard Prediction

The last week of NFL season was crazy so many seeds in both conferences were determined. The San Francisco 49ers became the 1st seed in the NFC and the New England Patriots fell to 3rd seed while the Kansas City Chiefs got the 2nd seed.

The matchups going into Wildcard weekend are very interesting because a lot upsets can happen.

Here are my predictions for wildcard weekend:

Houston Texans over Buffalo Bills 

Don’t get wrong the Buffalo Bills had an amazing season but they were 1-4 against teams over .500. Which means they feasted on teams that had losing records.

Now they are going to face the Texans who are looking to redeem themselves after the embarrassing performance last year against the Indianapolis Colts.

Also, I think the Texans offense will be too much for the Bills defense to handle.

I believe the Texans are going to show everyone that they are serious title contenders.

New England Patriots over Tennesse Titans 

People are saying this might be Tom Brady’s last home game or last game as a New England Patriot.

I don’t think this will be his last game as a Patriot, it will most likely be his last home game as a Patriot. I believe the Patriots are so well-coached it is not even fair.

Bill Belichick will make sure that Tennesse Titans running back Derrick Henry will not have an impact on this game. Belichick wants the ball in Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill hands.

Don’t get me wrong the Titans have had a great year but now they are going to face the Patriots in New England in the playoffs. I think the experience of the Patriots will win them this game.

New Orleans Saints over Minnesota Vikings  

This might be the most anticipated playoff game this whole weekend. The New Orleans Saints have a chance to get revenge on the Minnesota Vikings after the “Minnesota Miracle” in 2017.

The Saints know will have homefield advantage this time which gives them a slite edge but what is really going to make the difference will be the quarterback.

I trust the Saints quarterback Drew Brees more than the Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. It has been well documented that Cousins has struggled in big primetime games.

Now he is going to New Orleans to face Drew Brees and the Saints. That is not easy at all. I think this game will be a cakewalk for the Saints.

Seattle Seahawks over Philadelphia Eagles 

Man, the Philadelphia Eagles had one heck of season this year. But, it will end this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahwaks have a much better coach, team and quarterback than the Eagles. Plus, they have experience which is huge in the playoffs against a team with little to no experience.

Yes, not it was not that long ago the Eagles won the Super Bowl but that was a completely different team. The majority of the starters on the Eagles to start the season are now injured and there they can’t play in this game.

I expect the Seahawks to win by 10 points mostly because all of their games this season have came down to one possession. That is not a helpful stat because it has shown they really don’t know how to blowout teams that are inferior to them.