NFL Divisional round predictions

Man the NFL Wildcard round of the playoffs was amazing. The Houston Texans pulled off a great comeback, the Tenessee Titans outplayed the New England Patriots in New England and the Minnesota Vikings pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the year against the New Orleans Saints.

Now we are in arguably the best week of the NFL playoffs the divisional round. Over the past 10 years, we have seen some of the best playoffs games ever played during this week. From the San Francisco 49ers beating the New Orleans Saints in the last seconds in 2011 to the Minneapolis Miracle back in 2017.

Now let’s get to the predictions:

San Francisco 49ers over Minnesota Vikings

This was a tuff game to look at because these two teams mirror each other so well. Both teams love to run the football and play defense. The biggest weakness on both teams is the quarterback. We don’t trust any of them. Both Vikings Kirk Cousins and 49ers Jimmy Garroppolo turnover the ball way too much.

With the game being in San Francisco I have to give the advantage to the 49ers because of their defense. Their defense has been sensational all year especially at home and I think they will shut down the Vikings running game and force Kirk Cousins to win the game with his arm.

Baltimore Ravens over Tennesse Titans 

Get ready to see some old school football people. Because we are gonna see a very physical game. This game might have a combined of 70 rush attempts between these two teams.

Both the Titans and Ravens will try to come out and pound the football as much as possible. What will separate these two teams will be the quarterbacks. Who can throw their team back into the game if they can’t establish the run. That would be Lamar Jackson. He has improved so much as a passer which makes the Ravens offense more dynamic.

So for this game, I have to take the Ravens because I trust Lamar Jackson way more than I trust Rayn Tannehill.

Kansas City Chiefs over Houston Texans 

This game is going to be exciting people because we have two of the best young quarterbacks in the game going against each other. DeShaun Watson vs Patrick Mahomes.

For this game, I’m gonna take the Chiefs because I think their offense has too much firepower for the Texans defense to handle. Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins and Patrick Mahomes makes this game unfair.

The Texans showed last week they can comeback. But if you down 16 to 0 against the Cheofs there’s a good chance they will continue to put points on the board while you are trying to catch up with them.

Seattle Seahawks over Green Bay Packers 

I hate to say this but I think the Seahawks will play spoiler to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers again.

The Seahawks have a very underrated offense that score points with some of the best offenses in football. Russel Wilson has been playing like an MVP this year he has the ability to into Green Bay and win this game.

While the Packers offense has not played well all year. One week they score 24 points then only score eight points next week. That inconsistency won’t play well against the Seahawks. The Seahawks defense will look to take away DaVante Adams to make Rodgers throw the ball elsewhere.