Super Bowl 54 prediction

It is finally here, the Super Bowl. We have all been waiting for a while for this game and we have a good matchup. The San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Fans and other networks think the biggest storyline going into this game is Patrick Mahomes and this very dangerous Chiefs offense going up against the 49ers defense. The real storyline should be can the Chiefs defense stop the 49ers offense.

San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

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Don’t get wrong I also want to see the Cheifs offense go head to head with the 49ers defense. It’s a great match up across the board.

But I think the difference-maker in this game will either be the 49ers offense or the Chiefs defense.

We all know the 49ers have a very good offense. They can run the football with no problem with there trio of runningbacks. They can also hurt you with the play-action passing attack.

I want to see if the Chiefs can stop this running attack like the way they stop Tennesse Titans running back Derrick Henry in the AFC title game. If the Chiefs can stop that running game of the 49ers they have a really good shot at winning this game.

In order for the Cheifs to win this game, they not only need to stop the run game of the 49ers but use their speed to their advantage.

We all know the Chiefs have the fastest receiving core in all of football and if they can get past the secondary of the 49ers it will be a long night for that 49ers defense. Because if Mahomes sees that his guys can get open with no problem, it over because he will carve that defense up.

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If the 49ers want to win this game, all they have to do is follow a simple game plan. Which is win the time of possession and most importantly make sure Patrick Mahomes stays on that bench.

If the Chiefs offense does not get on the field that many times the 49ers will most likely win this game with their eyes closed. I say that because I don’t think they will have a problem scoring because they have shown this past year the can score by running or throwing the football. Which makes them really dangerous.

My prediction for this game is:

San Francisco 49ers 34, Kansas City Chiefs 24