The Houston “Pathetic” Astros

Last week the Houston Astros had a press conference about their sign-stealing scandal at their spring training facility in West Plam Beach, Florida, and that was so PATHETIC.

The one comment that stood out and broke the internet came from the owner Jim Crane who said: “Our opinion is that this didn’t impact the game.”

I couldn’t believe it. How dumb are you Crane, seriously.

Your team impacted 90 games in 2017 in their favor. How can you say your scandal did not have any impact on the games.

If the hitter knows what the opposing pitcher is throwing there is a good chance he will get on base and potentially score.

Before Crane said that ridiculous comment Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve barely spoke to media and said their weak apologies too.

Both of them said how sorry they are for cheating in 2017. I don’t believe them.

If you feel so bad about it, why didn’t you stop it when you first saw it (Altuve and Bregman)?  Why didn’t you say anything when you knew this was going on?

Ever since those weak apologies, the reaction of players and fans has been nonstop.

Some current MLB players like Cody Bellinger, Kris Byrant and more have expressed their frustration with the Astros apologies and believe they have been cheating for a while because of certain actions from 2017 to 2019 season.

A lot of players and fans even believe the Astros cheated in 2019 because of Jose Altuve’s actions in the American Championship Series after he hit a walkoff homerun off of New York Yankees closer Aldoris Chapman to send the Astros to the World Series.

On his way to home plate, Altuve told his teammates that he did not want his jersey ripped off and ran straight into the locker room to change shirts.

That was awkward to see because you are seeing a player that wanted to celebrate but had to go in the locker room and change before celebrating.

Some players like Kris Bryant believe that the Astros only apologized because they got caught and they would still be doing it if they didn’t get caught. (I completely agree with that).

After the reaction of some players went viral Astros shortstop Carlos Correra fired back and said: “If you don’t the facts then shut the F*** up.” 

Every day the Astros are digging themselves deeper-and-deeper into that hole and this could get really ugly for them. The more players or coaches talk the worse they look because they keep trying to defend their stance and that’s not good.

The Astros players need to watch out because a lot of pitchers are going to pitch high-and-in as a form of retaliation for the weak punishment MLB gave them and those awful apologies they gave to the sports world.