Top 5 landing spots for Tom Brady

With the NFL offseason beginning, a lot of people are asking where will Tom Brady play next season. Which team will take a chance at a 42-year-old quarterback?

After seeing Tom Brady this past season, I really don’t know who will take chance on him because he was pretty bad. He looked scared to get hit, throwing to the check-down a lot and he would either under or throw his receivers.

You can say he didn’t have any weapons but we did see Brady take the injury-prone, weaponless 2013 Patriots to the AFC championship game. So, was it really the lack of weapons or was it age.

Now that Tom Brady might become a free agent he could prove a lot us including myself wrong. That is was the lack of weapons for his poor play this past year. This might even motivate him to change teams.

So here are the top 5 landing spots for Tom Brady.

5.Los Angeles Chargers

I can see this happening mostly because the Chargers are in win-now mode. We all know the Chargers have one of the most talented rosters in all of football. Which could be very appealing to Brady.

Austin Ekler, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Hunter Henry, that’s a nice group of players to be throwing the ball to. The only roadblock they will have is the Kansas City Chiefs. Which is not easy at all.

The only question I have for the Chargers is will they take a chance at a 42-year-old quarterback after letting a 38-year-old quarterback go.

4.Chicago Bears

We all know the Chicago Bears are a quarterback away from potentially winning a Super Bowl. They have a great defense, a really good group of weapons and a good coach. Maybe, Brady is the answer.

The only thing I’m going to question is the scheme. Will Matt Nagy change the scheme from the West Coast offense to run the ball and play-action team. If he does do that I really do believe Tom Brady might be a Chicago Bear.

The only team Brady would have to worry about is the Green Bay Packers because the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions have no clue on what they are going to do with their roster.

3.Las Vegas Raiders

This is one fit I can definitely see happening because of the money. It has been reported that Brady wants to be paid about 30 million dollars per year. That’s a lot of money for a 42-year-old coming off one of his worst seasons as a pro.

I see the Raiders being a major player in signing Brady because reports have been out that they want Brady really bad. To me the only reason why they are in this sweepstakes to get Brady is because, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden does not want Derek Carr to be his quarterback.

Carr has played well these past two years and has proven be a great leader in that locker room. The biggest obstacle this team will have if they sign Brady will be the roster. They need to build a roster around Brady’s strengths in order to be a contender.

2. New England Patriots

The best fit for Tom Brady is the New England Patriots whether he likes it or not. The Patriots have the best head coach in all of football and he will have more flexibility with them than any other team.

Yes, they might not have the best weapons on their roster but that is what the free agency and the draft are for. Free agency and the draft are simply “the luck of the draw.” Some teams get very lucky while others don’t.

What the Patriots should do is build their offensive line in the draft and get weapons in free agency. If they do that they have a really great chance at winning the Super Bowl this year if Brady comes back.

1.San Francisco 49ers 

People might think this is crazy but I actually think this can happen, Tom Brady might go to the 49ers. Brady might be old be he has proven over time that no stage is too big for him.

In this past Super Bowl 49ers quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo showed us that his head coach Kyle Shanahan does not trust him at all. The first big sign was in the first half. Shanahan could have called a timeout to give about two minutes to get at least a field goal and he didn’t.

I bet if Brady was quarterback he would have called a timeout and tell him to go score.

Plus Brady showed us in the Super Bowl before this past one he can still make those big throws in the biggest moments.

The only time in the game I saw Shanahan give his complete trust to Jimmy G was in the 4th quarter and look what happened.

Jimmy G had Emmanuel Sanders wide open down the field and completely overthrew him when there was 1:38 left in the game. If he would have connected with Sanders the 49ers are probably Super Bowl Champions.

Plus, Brady never had as bad of a 4th quarter in a Super Bowl as Jimmy G did. The QBR rating scale goes from 0 to 100. Garoppolo’s quarterback rating was 2.8 in the 4th quarter. Which team wants there quarterback to play like that when the money is on the line.