Patrick Mahomes Mega Extension

Patrick Mahomes just signed the largest deal in sports history. Thats Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes agreed to an extension of 10 years 450 million according to ESPNs Adam Schefter.

If you combine this extension with his current contract the deal the extension is actually 12 years worth 475 million. That’s insane people.

The fully guaranteed money of the contract has not been announced yet. But we do know that he will get 140 million guaranteed he if gets hurt.

Meaning that if he suffers a career ending injury he will receive 140 million of the 450 million.

Overall I like this deal for both sides. The Chiefs just lock up the best quarterback in the NFL right now until 2031. Also, Mahomes is getting what he deserves because no other quarterback has been better than him in the last two years.

He is about to go in his third as the starting quarterback and he already has an MVP, a Super Bowl MVP and he is only 25 years old. MaHomes is only getting better and thats the scary part.

MaHomes has been putting up monster stats every since he took over as the starting quarterback for the Chiefs. In his 31 starts Mahomes has a record of 24-7 with over 9,400 passing yards, over 75 touchdowns and over 65% completion percentage.

With this deal done the Chiefs will be able to map out how they will build their team for the next 10 years which is huge for them. They will which positions to scout for and focus on when it comes to free agency.

Some free agents might even take a lesser deal to play with Chiefs. We have seen players like take lesser deals to play for contenders before.

Like Rick Wagner, who signed with the Green Bay Packers for 11 million on a two year contract. Wagner in my eyes should be at least getting eight million a year because he is one of better lineman in the NFL.

We all knew this extension was coming and that it was going to be a big number. But I don’t think anyone was expecting the contract to be that big.