2020 MLB Season Prediction

This MLB season is going to be one for the record books because every team has a good shot to win it all this year. So it’s gonna be hard to predict who will win the World Series this year.

So here are my 2020 MLB season predictions:

NL East: Atlanta Braves

Out of all the teams in the NL East I do believe the Braves are the most complete team. But with this season being so short its most likely it will come down to which team can get on a roll the quickest.

They also have one of the best rosters in baseball. The Braves have Ronald Acuna Jr., Freddie Freeman, Ozzie Albies and more. Thats a great core.

For a season like this trust the Braves more than the defending champions the Washington Nationals because last year we saw the Nationals go 19-31 before they got on a roll. The Nationals can not dig out themselves out of like that this year.

NL Central: Cincinnati Reds

A lot people I have seen are picking the Chicago Cubs or the Milwaukee Brewers to win the central this year. But, I don’t think thats gonna happen because I honestly believe the Reds are the best team in the Central.

The Reds probably have one of the most underrated offenses in the National League. Which is crazy to me because look at the lineup. Eugenio Suarez, Joey Votto, Mike Moustakas and Nicholas Castellanos. This a great group of hitters.

Also the Reds could make the argument that they have the best starting rotation in the NL. The have Luis Castillo, Trevor Bauer, Sonny Gray and Anthony DeSclafani. The Reds can be a major contender this year to win the World Series this year.

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers

It’s no question that the Dodgers have one of the best rosters in MLB. They should the one of the favorites if not the favorite to win the World Series this year because they don’t have any weaknesses.

I wasn’t a fan of the Mookie Betts trade because I think the Dodgers should have gone after starting pitching because Kershaw is not gonna be there forever. But Betts does make the Dodgers better.

The Dodgers need to make sure that this year they don’t choke in the big moments. Because we all saw what has happened in the last two seasons in the playoffs. The Dodgers came up small in the biggest moments.

AL East: New York Yankees

This was tough because with this season only being 60 games I truly think the Tampa Bay Rays are going to give the Yankees a run for their money. I see the Yankees winning this division by at least two games.

Yes, the Yankees have fire power when it comes to hitting to beat anybody but it’s the starting pitching that scars me. Outside of Gerrit Cole and James Paxton I don’t know what to expect from the other starters. I’m not evening sure if Tanka will start the season.

If the Yankees are going to win this division they need to win the majority of the games against the Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays. The Blue Jays and Rays can make a lot of noise this year if the Yankees don’t meet expectations.

AL Central: Minnesota Twins

This past offseason the Twins got a lot better. They added Josh Donaldson and more pieces to help them build off of their incredible season last year. So, to me they have to be favorites to win the Central.

They have the hitting to compete with anyone and they have solid starting pitching. The only question I have is there bullpen. The Twins bullpen came up small when they face great teams like the Yankees and the Houston Astros. Yes this year won’t face those teams but they will be facing the NL Central where there are three really good teams (Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers and the Cincinnati Reds).

If the Twins bullpen improves they have a really good shot at beating the Yankees and the Astros.

AL West: Houston Astros

Yes, we all want to see the Astros fall for what they did in the 2017 sign stealing scandal. But we all still have to admit they are a really good team. Plus, the AL West is a pretty weak division.

The Texas Rangers aren’t that good, we don’t know which version of the Oakland A’s were going to see this year, the Seattle Mariners are in rebuild mode and none of us know if the Los Angele Angels will be that good to compete with the Astros.

The only question I have for the Astros is there starting pitching outside of Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke. If the Astros starting pitching can be what they were last year they might win it all this year.