The San Diego Padres are Coming

The San Diego Padres have been the most exciting team to watch during this 2020 baseball season. There 22-15 as of right now which is four and half games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers who are currently in first. But the Dodgers need to worry because the Padres are coming.

The Padres made some big moves before the trade deadline yesterday. The Padres made six trades and acquired RHP Mike Clevinger, OF Greg Allen, C Austin Nola, RHP Austin Adams, RHP Dan Altavilla, RHP Taylor Williams, DH Mitch Moreland, RHP Trevor Rosenthal, and C Jason Castro.

All these moves were a clear indication that they are going all in on this year. Teams don’t make these kind of moves if they don’t think they have shot. And the Padres have a really shot at winning it all this year.

They are currently leading the majors in run scored, runs per game, and hits. They are second in home runs and they are currently third in team batting average at .266. The only thing that was holding them back was the pitching.

One day the pitching will be amazing and the next day it will be a disaster. With A. J. Preller (Padres General Manger) acquiring the arms he did with those six trades I do believe the pitching will be better and more consistent because now they have more pitchers they can rely on.

With the playoffs a month away other teams should worry about Padres. They have the hitting to compete with anyone and now they have pitching to back it up.