Coach Kimo Interview

Making an impact on someone’s life means a lot to Emmanuel “Coach Kimo” Alberio. Alberio is the current Graduate strength and conditioning assistant for Volleyball, Softball, Men and Women’s Tennis and Men’s Golf; and is an assistant for Football, Baseball, Men and Women’s Track and Field, Basketball and Cross Country at North Carolina Central University […]

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2020 NFL Week 1 Predictions

Football is back and man this year gonna be a lot different. With limited fans in the stadiums certain team won’t have the home field advantage we are use to seeing. So picking teams becomes a lot more difficult. So here are my picks for week one. Buffalo Bills over New York Jets Minnesota Vikings […]

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2020 NFL Season Predictions

The NFL is back and man this season will be like no other. Due to COVID-19 many players have decided to opt-out and not play this season. And some players might test positive after week one. So, we don’t know if the NFL will be able to complete this season. But, until day comes we […]

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The San Diego Padres are Coming

The San Diego Padres have been the most exciting team to watch during this 2020 baseball season. There 22-15 as of right now which is four and half games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers who are currently in first. But the Dodgers need to worry because the Padres are coming. The Padres made some big […]

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2020 MLB Season Prediction

This MLB season is going to be one for the record books because every team has a good shot to win it all this year. So it’s gonna be hard to predict who will win the World Series this year. So here are my 2020 MLB season predictions: NL East: Atlanta Braves Out of all […]

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Trade Packages for Raheem Mostert

Last week on Twitter Raheem Mostert agent Brett Tessler tweeted that Raheem Mostert has requested a trade after contract talk with the San Francisco 49ers fell apart. Rumors came out that Mostert wants to be paid like his teammate Tevin Coleman who will make 4.5 million this year. Mostert is schedule to make 2.5 million […]

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Patrick Mahomes Mega Extension

Patrick Mahomes just signed the largest deal in sports history. Thats Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes agreed to an extension of 10 years 450 million according to ESPNs Adam Schefter. If you combine this extension with his current contract the deal the extension is actually 12 years worth 475 million. That’s insane people. The […]

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Trade Packages for Jamal Adams

For the past week or so we have been hearing about the New York Jets contract situation with safety Jamal Adams. Both sides are trying to get an extension done but no progress has been made. Yes, Adams is arguably the best strong safety in all of football but the Jets need a lot of […]

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