NFL Week 11 Predictions

Man week 11 started off with a bang after the whole incident between Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. I hope we don’t see any more incidents like that for a very long time because that was not right at all. Here are my predictions for week 11: New […]

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NFL Week 10 Predictions

This a big week in the NFL. Last year MVP Patrick Mahomes makes his return, the battle of New York, and the Seahawks-49ers rivalry is back. I expect to see a lot of closes games this week. Here are my predictions: New York Jets over New York Giants New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons Kansas […]

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MLB Playoff Predictions

The MLB Playoff are here. It’s about time. I have been waiting for this for a while because this year five teams have a realistic shot at winning the World Series. Those teams are the Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers, Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees. Out of all of those teams […]

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NFL Week 4 Predictions

Week 3 was full of surprises so many new faces are taking over the league. Their were so many close games last week. Plus even a lot of questions were answered last week. Some teams might have even found their new quarterback. But will they last in the league?  That will be the biggest question. Here […]

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Top 5 Trade Packages for Mookie Betts

With the baseball season ending in a couple of weeks, the Boston Red Sox look like they are going to sellers this upcoming offseason. Earlier this week rumors have even came out the Red Sox are looking to trade outfielder Mookie Betts.  Photo is from: This is big because of how big of a […]

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